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Martin Meixner – Here and Now

Inspired by a poem
of Alphonse Daudet

“I stayed there nearly all day in that state between stupor and despondency which comes from contemplating the sea.
Have you ever experienced that sweet intoxication of the soul?
You don’t think,
you don’t even dream,
your whole being escapes,
flies away, expands outwards.
You are anything but not yourself.
Oh, what delightful hours,
half awake and day-dreaming,
I have spent on my island.”

Music Video | 4min | Norway

Director & Producer | Nils Otte
DP & Producer | Kyrill Ahvers
Editor | Maximilian Raible 
Artist | Martin Meixner
Actor | Richard Monz
Production Designer | Maria Kalamara
Sound Designer | Marvin Keil
Addtional Composer | Renée Abe
1st AC | Lars Elliger