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How much longer
are we going to stay human?

Millions of tech pioneers around the world are working on optimizing human beings and their lives. And since science fiction is rapidly becoming reality. Will there come a point when our brain stops thinking without a computer? When we consider digital sex better than the real thing? And turn our body into a machine? We are living in the midst of an upheaval that could be more radical than anything our parents or grandparents ever experienced. But what does it all mean for us as human beings? Will we still end up as Homo Sapiens or as an entirely new species – Homo Digitalis?

Documentary Series | 7x 9min | 2017
DOK Leipzig 2017

Director | Nils Otte
Director | Christiane Miethge
Presenter | Helen Fares
Cinematographer | Kyrill Ahlvers
Cinematographer | Tenzin Sherpa
Sound | Gidon Lasch
Sound | Tenzin Sherpa
Editor | Tim Sprado
Sound Designer | Dagmar Petrus
Graphic Artist | Benny Nero
Animation | Anna Hunger
Executive Producer | Andreas Martin
Production Manager | Laura Sages
Production Assistant | Alissa Aubenque

Dietmar Lyssy & Marcus Uhl

Editor BR
Thomas Sessner & Andreas Poll
Editor ARTE
Katja Ferwagner, Katja Dünnebacke,
Aurélie Marx, Annina Zwettler
Editor ORF
Robert Glashüttner, Siegfried Steinlechner

A production by Bilderfest GmbH
and Bayrischer Rundfunk
in Co-Production with ARTE and ORF.