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The sky’s their canvas,
the airplane’s their paintbrush.
For over 90 years, the Stinis have been making history in Skywriting.
This documentary takes us behind the scenes of their flying cloud factory and carries us up in the air, where high rises and dispair take turns.
For skywriting is a daily struggle against weather, time and nerves – even for the most experienced pilots.

Documentary | 27min | 2016

Original Title: Skywriters

American Documentary Film Festival
Winner Cannes Corp. Media & TV
Winner Houston Int. Film Festival
Winner Aerospace Festival Toulouse
Berlin Short Film Festival
Workers Unite Film Festival New York
St. Petersburg Science Festival
Kurzsuechtig Film Festival

Director & Producer | Nils Otte
Cinematographer | Conrad Lobst
Editor | Dirk Stoppe
Lead Composer | Dascha Dauenhauer
Composer | Chiara Strickland
VFX Supervisor | Julian Weiss
Sound Designer | Marvin Keil
Colorist | Robin Jünkersfeld
Motion Design | Jörg Kahlhöfer
CG Supervisor | Fabian Fricke
Supervising TD | Vincent Ullmann
Technical Director | Simon Spielmann
Technical Director | Andreas Schuster
Technical Director | Julian Oberbeck
Rigging TD | Hanna Binswanger
Modeling | Christian Leitner
Lightning & Shading | Kiril Mirkov
VFX Producer | Stefan Michel
Legal Consultant | Peter Beutel

(c) Fimakademie Baden-Württemberg